Kitchen Cabinet Replacement Shelves Plan

There are many kinds of furniture needed in the kitchen. One of them is kitchen cabinet. Shelves become one of the most important parts of kitchen cabinet. If you find that the existing shelves damaged or look bad, you can consider replacing them. Talking about kitchen cabinet replacement shelves, you can do this project by your own at home. Therefore, we will discuss it in more detailed. So, you must pay attention to this.

Kitchen Cabinet Shelf Replacement Preparations

Before you start replacing the kitchen cabinet shelves, you have to prepare many things. It relates to the tools and materials needed. It depends on the project itself. Therefore, you have to plan this project properly. So, you can prepare everything well and then do this project rightly. You should prepare tools used to remove the old shelves and install the new shelves such as screwdriver, tape measure, plywood, etc.

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Steps by Steps in Replacing Kitchen Cabinet Shelves

To replace the kitchen cabinet shelves, you can do it by your own by following these steps. Firstly, you need to take out the old shelves. You should unscrew the brackets of each shelf one by one carefully. So, it will not damage your kitchen cabinet and the finish. After that, you need to measure the cabinet related to the cabinet width and length. By knowing the dimensions of the shelf, you can install the new shelves rightly.

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The next step in kitchen cabinet replacement shelves is to cut the shelves. It depends on how many shelves you want to replace. Cut down the plywood rightly based on the dimensions you have measured before. Make sure that the will fit the kitchen cabinet. To make the kitchen cabinet shelves more attractive, it will be a good idea to add laminate on the surfaces. Covering the surface with laminate will also make the surface more durable.

Lastly, you can start refitting or replacing the shelf brackets. Insert them into the kitchen cabinet and screw them against the sides. Make sure that you install the new kitchen cabinet shelves rightly so that the new shelves can function well.

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After the new kitchen cabinet shelves are installed well, you have to maintain and clean them up regularly. You should keep them away from the dust and stain. You can also refinish the surfaces when they look not interesting anymore. Anyway, kitchen cabinet replacement shelves belong to easy project that you can try at home.

Description: Kitchen cabinet replacement shelves should be done rightly. After preparing the tools and materials, you can follow these steps easily.